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Technology: Something that we just have to deal with

Technology is a tool that is forever changing as time goes forward. In my beginnings of high school in a Contemporary issues class an assignment was given to me that seemed daunting at the time of its conception. Writing a 20-25 page research paper on an issue that was relevant to the times each topic had to be different from the other students in the class. 

This seemed a ludicrous of a task ,how was I a second semester sophomore going to be able to complete this. Was this supposed to be made for a student of higher level of learning?  I wanted to transfer out of the class but knew that if I completed the assignment then I would have a whole new level of technological literacy from all of the various research sites I would be going to.

My topic was stem cell research and through the information super highway I learned and formulated a research paper about what the topic was, the importance of it and various views of it.  With each source that I looked at I needed to not just read it but also analyze the important aspects of it and if it would be useful in the whole argument that was going to present.   

For MUNSA ( Model United Nations San Antonio), I chaired the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC). One of my duties for being a chair was composing a crisis topic that was going to be presented to the delegates in the room.  The forum that we were going to present this crisis topic in was going to be with the help of Audacity, a voice editing program. In knowing my forum I had to record audio clips of the persons who would be a part of the crisis. Complying the audio was not that difficult it in involved just the push of the record and stop button.

Putting all the different audio clips into one cohesive mock radio show was a challenge.   I had to figure out how to cut down audio clips , put them together and play  different audio clips simultaneously.  Not having the most advanced knowledge on this Audacity program cause me some stress. There were instances where I would want the program to do something but it seemed like an impossibility.  

Looking at how to work the Audacity audio editing program with a focused goal, I realized that after complying this audio bit I could now try to master other editing programs. So we hope.

Changing Propectives with the help of others

As the world becomes more connected with innovative technology it’s important that we as global citizens know how to work with each other. If not, ideas won’t be implemented and it would not be a true form of reality. In working with various groups of people, it’s important to know the best way to configure the task at hand. 

 In Junior English we had the task of debating whether American Society was post-racial or not. This term is defined as overcoming a discriminatory mind set or being accepting of others. The argument at hand was proving to my classmates that American Society was not post racial. Evidence to support this argument was socio-economics, how races generally  have a similar social class , standardized test like that P-SAT and scholarships.  

In working with a group of my classmates and gathering evidence to debate we felt ready to sway classmates our way. Debating turned out to be a difficult process and we had to quickly think on our feet to help save our argument. Being a fan of almost anything that falls under the musical genera I looked to the popular musical Avenue Q song Everyone’s is a Little Bit Racist, to given a lasting thought to my teams view point. It turned out to be somewhat comical but it helped put a different spin on whether American Society is post-racial or not. 

Keeping in mind the importance of being a global citizen, I was the co-chair of the United Nations Humans Rights Council at the annual MUNSA conference (Model United Nations San Antonio). When receiving the news of this, I focused my abilities to work with my fellow co-chair in mastering parliamentary procedure, setting topics and crisis situations that the delegates in the room would be debating and working toward plausible solutions too. I was lucky that my fellow co-chair and I worked well in accomplishing these tasks and once the actual conference began we managed to run the room with ease.   

With various view points and tasks that these assignments brought it helped strengthen my abilities to work with my peers and gain insight into the responsibilities involved in managing a group of people.

Figuring out whats is next

“Life is a Highway”, in the words of Rascal Flats, a place  where decisions need to be made instantly  in order to maintain safety and efficiency to go to your destination.  High school is that highway that you take to go to college. In my years at ISA I’ve obtained not just the knowledge of how to use the quadric equation but also of how to look at human destiny in the concept of a Ayn Rand book as if it is Free Will or Determinism.  

At the beginning of my Junior Year, I went to College Night to conquer my fear of starting the college process and to see potential schools that might be worth looking into. At the time of this event I had no direction on where I wanted to go to college. And was not one of those people who had envisioned going to a certain school since they were young, I knew I had to start somewhere, and that College Night would be the prefect forum to start the hunt. 

My first artifact is from Blossom Athletic Center College Night where I walk around from booth to booth taking pamphlets asking questions to certain schools like the University of Texas and University of Kansas because I was familiar with them and they seemed like somewhat possible options at the time. In doing this I was taking the first steps in the processes of deciding which college would be right for me. 

 My second artifact signified the fact that there are many roads to take in life. During my sophomore year of I complied  a visual  displaying that free will is the main factor in deciding what road to take I realized in my sophomore year of high school that in order to make great strides in my life I need to take into account what is best for me. This concept of deciding what path to take was a main factor in what college I’m going to attend next fall.

Buliding my Global Prospective

My first encounter with being more connected with the world around me began at my start at ISA.  Going to Heifer International’s Ranch  I became more aware of the important issue of global poverty and  what it’s like to live in a nonconventional situation in San Antonio, TX but it could be a conventional situation for a family living in Thailand, which was the mock house that I lived in at Heifer Ranch.  Experiencing a form of poverty in a firsthand situation opened me to a way of life that I was unfamiliar with.  Living in my Thai Hunt I learned how a way of life is not about obtaining a capitalist dream but living for the sake of living.  I took these ideals and wrote them in my Heifer Reflection.  

After going to Heifer, I become more open to inquiring about different cultures and life styles and taking what values Heifer International upholds and trying to translate it into my own life. I never really fully got into the Heifer lifestyle of only taking what you need, but now I keep it in mind and hope others become more aware of the message they implement.

Having some exposure to different types of cultures, I went into the sophomore trip to New Orleans with the bases of the OXFAM Guidelines for Global Citizenship. This guidelines set out to promote global activism. With that in mind I was curiously looking for ways to connect OXFAM Guidelines to the City of New Orleans. After the trip I composed somewhat of a passport booklet displaying the reality of the Global Citizenship guidelines in the New Orleans Individual Project.   

In experiencing Heifer Ranch and New Orleans I had the knowledge and experiences under by belt to go to a place that I’ve heard about and talked about for so many years of my life, Israel.  The summer going into my Senior Year of High School I traveled on a summer program with a camp that I’ve going to for years. While there it took me awhile to comprehend that I was in a different country.

Being in a place that many consider to be their homeland was an experience that I will always remember. I basically got to eat Israeli staples almost every day, hangout with some of my best friends and better understand a culture that is different than what I’m used to. 

Coming back from this travel aboard  helped me solidifiy by passion for going to places outside of the United States. Seeing what different places have to offer is something that every person should have the opportunity to do. In going to college ,I will definitely make it a top priority to see what the world has to offer.  

Expanding my Horizons

Trying to convey a message or an idea is a skill that we all should possess. Even though throughout the world we all speak different languages and come from diverse backgrounds its important that we reach out and form connections with each other.  Even before entering ISA, I’ve worked on commutation skills through giving a dvar torah at thirteen for my Bat Mitzvah but never have I had the opportunity to advocate for an issue that I have deeply cared about.

In my freshman year we were assigned to a design a project based on an issue that a group of me and my friends cared about. Through this Make a Difference or M.A.D project we did various community service projects at the Ronald McDonald House and Jackson Keller Elementary School , making cookies for the residence at the Ronald McDonald House   and helping teachers at Jackson Keller gave us  ideas on how we wanted to design our final project. 

Doing community service at these places helped us focus in on what we wanted to do. We decided that the cause that we wanted to advocate for was going to involve the education of chronically ill children. Through research and doing community service at the Ronald McDonald House children with chronic illnesses fall dramatically behind in school. In order to ease this gap, we designed a project that would help these children stay on track with what they are learning in school.  

Composing flash cards and making a contraption that would help children learn about basic elementary school subjects, we went to the Ronald McDonald House to give it a try.  It turned out to be effective and gave the parents of these children a chance to have some time for themselves.  

After implimenting the final project , we composed a presentation that showed the progression of this M.A.D Project. Me and other group member worked on a script that clearly depicted our progression on this project. Presenting this in front of a group of close family and other groups showed our passion for this issue and wiliness to change it. 

For Spanish 3  junior year we were assigned a project based on the Day of the Dead celebration. We had to write a bio and present the bio in Spanish on the person’s life. I chose to do this on my Grandpa, who in my eyes and others was an influential leader and compassionate person. Writing and talking in Spanish isn’t something that I do every day.  So communating my Spanish skills was something that I really had to work on.  I wrote multiple drafts of the bio both in Spanish and English, practing my presentation for anyone that I could. 

These assignments helped develop my comminication skills both in front of a big group of people or with just the person sitting next to me. 

Problem Solving

I’ve looked at Problem Solving Proficiency more as something to classify social issues and not skills concerning science. After doing a lab write-up in Physics my junior year I  saw how lab write-ups are beneficial in the real world. It helps people to comprehend information and spread the information the experiment is trying to convey.

 In the science world whenever an experiment is completed, a lab write up takes place. It is used to explain what happened in an experiment and how it can be done. Making it easier for people to conceptualize what happened during  the experiment and breaks  it into sections.

For this lab, we projected water balloons to a desired distance.  After completing the experiment it was time to deconstruct the lab and explain the Water Balloon Lab, to a person as if they have come across it in a Google search. The lab write-up involved an introduction which basically stated the purpose of why the experiment took place and a summary of the events that happened. The next section of the lab write-up was a materials page which listed the materials used in the lab and then came the procedure. The procedure section was used to explain how the lab was done and what factors where used to figure out the problem, next  the data and conclusion sections. The conclusion was used to explain whether my hypothesis was correct or not and what factors contributed to the faultiness of the experiment.

The basis of our New Orleans trip was founded on the definitions of what it means to be a global citizen according to Oxfam. With this in mind, after experiencing our trip to New Orleans, we had to compose something that would demonstrate our knowledge of how these Oxfam’s definitions of a global citizen applied to the city of New Orleans.   While doing this project, I reflected on how my views of a global citizen changed after experiencing first hand how they applied to New Orleans. I realized that as a citizen of planet Earth it is our responsibility to take the appropriate actions to improve what is happening around us.

To better demonstrate my personal understanding of the OXFAM Global Citizenship Facets for the New Orleans Individual Project I composed a binder that highlighted the facets and its connection to the city of New Orleans. Pictures from the travel experience were explained in a way that showed its connection to the facets that it represented. Condensing a concept of the OXFAM Global Citizenship Facets in a way that should be relatable to persons who didn’t attend the trip.

Finding the Balance

Finding a balance is something that every high school student struggles with. How much time do I need to spend on homework and projects without losing my mind; whens a good time to watch Glee and SNL; should I hang out with my friends tonight; I really want to go to this convention or MUN Conference; Will I be tired afterward? These are the completions and struggles that I have most certainly dealt with through all of high school. 

Taking the Creative Writing class my sophomore year certainly helped me with getting out all of the completions that were surging in my mind. At the start of almost every class we “Free Writed”.  Free Writing is an exercise where you write about anything you please but you just have to keep on writing. Free Writing became therapeutic because having the freedom to write whatever was on my mind relieved the stress of school and all the other crazy things that were happening around me. I could write about my day, something that was on my mind or just a fictional story. This gave me an open playing field to write what I felt. I still every once in a while Free Write to clear my mind and let out the madness of life around me. 

Figuring out how to keep sanity wasn’t something that I truly mastered until junior year. Taking multiple AP classes was something that I was not familiar, when before the start of the year I only had to focus on one and to focus on more than one became a struggle.  I wrote in my junior reflection that year making decisions with choices such as staying up past my regular sleeping hours , waking up early or sleeping  and turning it in the next day, when it came to when I was going to turn in assignments.   

As we continue through this journey, we constantly find ways that help us deal with what is going on around us. In my time in high school I would say that these tasks and experiences have kept things interesting and forever changing when finding what works to maintain balance.